• I'm a Creative Swiss Army Knife
    With a Decade of Graphic Design Experience and the Mother of Dragons...Oh wait...

    The one stop design shop! I am a Keller Graphic Designer. Legendary Creative can handle all of your graphic design needs. Web Design, Print Design, Logos, brand development, professional photography and videography. I am a dedicated Graphic Designer who strives for greatness in every project I work on. I have worked for and with several multi-million dollar companies, a premier marketing and consulting firm, and I have ran my own freelance design business since 2009. I have worked in a variety of industries ranging from professional racing series to homemade jewelry. I hope you enjoy the get to know me video above.

    I am determined to be a part of something great, even if I have to build it myself!

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  • My Story

    I am a designer with large aspirations, large talent, and a little ego. I am an innovative thinker with an intricate and illustrious style. When I moved to Texas I spent four years I was the Lead Designer/Art Director at one of the best internet marketing and consulting firms in Texas. During this learned the ins and outs of marketing and conversion optimazation. I started out my education as a computer programmer, but fell in love with the design world. It is my ability to think outside of the box and my determination that helps me to stand out among my peers. My flexibility as a designer allows me to take on any role within a project.

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  • My Dream

    Simply put, my dream is to be a part of something great. Money doesn't buy happiness and fame fades. I want the feeling of being a part of a company/agency/family that is on the rise. I want to experience that feeling and see that idea come to life.

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Photography & Composite Photography

Responsive Web Design

The importance of a strong web site cannot be overstated. In today's information age, your business website is the first place consumers interact with you. It is often your only opportunity to make a good and lasting first impression. And it is this virtual storefront that will draw new traffic even when the store lights are off. Simply put, a well-built, inviting web site propels your business success.

Print Design

We live so much of our lives online that most people forget about print marketing. We are still physical beings living in a physical world. Regardless of how attached we are to social media, we still crave physical communication. For that reason alone, printed marketing materials are still important today in ths digitally saturated environment.

Photography & Video

My latest passion in the design world is video and photography. I offer professional video and photography services. I love photographing wildlife and making videos of just about anything. Every video I produce, no matter the scale or genre, is designed to be an engaging motion picture that conveys its message in compelling and relatable ways.

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Why A Dragon?

Most people only associate dragons with monsters that horde gold or guard the captured princess. In mythology dragons are not just legendary beings of destruction and greed, but they represent great power, timeless wisdom, and tremendous courage.

That is what I believe makes great design; a powerful idea, wise choices, and the courage to do things differently. I strive for greatness in every project I take on because I believe it is my job to give the client the absolute best of what they want and what they need. Graphic Design doesn't just allow us to reach for the impossible, but it is through design that we can create the impossible.

Design makes the impossible, possible!